Ladies Auxillary

Ladies Auxillary Officers 2017

President: Lena Mae Hoover

Secretary: Sarah King

Treasurer: Erin King
Meetings are on the second Tuesday of each month at 7:00 PM
 Mission of the Bareville Ladies Auxiliary
The Bareville Ladies Auxiliary was founded in June 1952. Today, we have approximately 20 members. We are currently looking for new members. 
The mission of the Bareville Ladies Auxiliary is to provide the Bareville Fire Company and other firemen with drinks and food at large fire scenes and to help support them financially.
The Auxiliary raises money in several ways: 
-An all-you-can-eat breakfast on the first Saturday of each month from November through  May. 
-Chicken Corn Soup sales at our breakfasts. 
The first officers were:
-President, Martha Bowers
-Vice President, Elizabeth Hillard
-Secretary, Mary Miller
-Treasurer, Pauline Weaver
June 6, 1952, Bareville Ladies Auxiliary was formed 
The Auxiliary started with 17 members and by the second month, they had 32 members.
 The first major purchase of the auxiliary was to purchase a coffee urn by selling 48 bottles of vanilla extract. 
In 1952, the food prices were:
-hot dog 15 cents
-hamburger 20 cents
-Coffee 10 cents


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